Sunday, December 14, 2008

It Moved Me.......

All dressed up for my last night shift. I see myself in the mirror. The last touch up of makeup is left. Well as usual I look great.

Ready to step down the steps to report for my shift , I see my HOD coming towards me and asking me to step back.

Me:What Happened?

HOD: Attacks...

Well it was the night of 26th November..

I ran bac to catch up with my mobile and the first no. I dial is his..

Me:Where are u?

He: At the Bar.

Me:U fine?

He: Ya.

Me: OK....

Next I called my mom ..

Me:Ma there are some attacks goin on.. But am safe . Don't panic if anythin is shown on TV.

Mom: But what Happened???

Me: Don't know exactly. But will keep in touch.

3rd call to my manager

Me:Where are u?

N: Abut to leave for work.

Me: Don't come. Its not safe. Will tel u if things ease down.

N:What happened?

Me: Don't know,watch TV.

N: K . Keep me informed.

Slowly calls started coming in. "Are u fine?" , " Can't u jus leave?" ," Babes call me asap.. Plz'.. well this is all that i could hear from people who were callin me.

Continuos flow of sms and phone calls.. I had not received so many phone calls even on my bday.

Seeing the tensed faces around, was jus trying to make it a little lighter for people.. was laughing around, cracking jokes and asuring people that we all will be safe.. but in hearts was so scared.. had every1 close to me, around me but HIM. Was calling him continuosly but still was too worried for him.

We coudnt even talk on phones loudly and all of us were whispering to avoid and identification of hide outs.

Suddenly bullet shots, granade blasts, the sounds the tremors were all around. I realized its the end of life.. But I didnt want to end it without seein him.. I wanted to be with him.Hold his hands and hug him..

Life cannot be so unfair.. Although it has been but not now, especially at this moment.

Blood stains , injured people I had them all around me. Didnt knw where to go?How to go? and had a darling friend cryin next to me.. had to take care of her too..

Never had i thought so many people can be important to me more than my life. Had never realized so many people love and care for me,before the 26 th( looking at the amount of continuos calls and msgs).

The security managed to get us out safely, by morning 4.30. Was little reliefed that atleast have a chance to live again. My friend was also a little relaxed now.

Picked the phone called him, jus to hear.......

Him:(In Whispers) Tell me.

Me: U still inside?

Him: Ya and u?

Me: Am safe and out. Cal me asap when u r out.

Him: Will do.

Just wanted to go bac and hold his hands and get him out safely..

I knew it wasnt possible, no one wud let me step in now.

This was the point when I lost hope. I lost to life. I didnt want to challenge anyone but jus beg every1 for his safety.

I never thought I would be loving some one so much that would not even care about risking my life.

Was the same all broken up and crying,helpless and tensed. Kept calling him every 15 mins. till 7.30 in the morning when he picked up his call and said:

Him:(Loud And Clear Now) Hey..

Me: U out??

HIm: Ya.

Me: U fine?

Him: Ya

ME: Cudnt u cal me , when u came out??? How idiotic .. am worried and cryin here waitin for ur call and u take it so lightly..

Him: Arre I jus stepped out.. hav jus entered the house. am safe and wil cal u.. dads on Call Wait.

Me: OK.

Here was a sigh of relief.... I knew, it was somewhere life, which had been unfair till now has tried to play a fair game now and compensate it..

Reached home safely by 9:30.. Informed every1 that am safe.

Life had been so amazing for the past few hours that, I had lived all 21yrs of my life in one go. And know what moved me the most, not how much I loved someone.. but how much every1 elz loved me and how important was i to them....

I now its their prayers that saved our lives...

Monday, February 25, 2008

Atlast back

I know am blogging after a long looooooonggg time.. its been months since the last post.. life has so changed over since then the year 2007 jus went away with a swipe... the year was full of adventures for me..
  • First of all met a friend almost 10yrs later.. the excitement cannot be expressed..
  • Another adventure.. was caught by jaundice... completely on diet food(hehehe well this is a secret, but stole food and ate it.. after all how long cud one feed on no oil, no salt food)..
  • Due to jaundice lost 10 kg weight(the happiest day of my life :) )
  • Had my interview and got thru(YIPEEEEE i have a job now)
  • Was chosen among the top 10 hospitality students of India and won a trip to china..(yippee one more adventure).
  • Came back and again went to Dubai.. well this was truly a great experience.. looking at the boeings, air bus,fighter planes.. this was the greatest moment of my life (DUBAI AIR SHOW)
  • the year ended but the excitement didnt, got new year greetings from a person whom hav been waiting for since yrs nw..
So much fun ,so much adventure,but i knw i cud have enjoyed it even more if wud have been living in that moment..
We generally waiting for big moments in life forget to enjoy the small little moments of happiness which are given to us on daily basis by God..we just realize it too late, when we cant do anything abut it..time just passes by and here i am counting on my finger tips when my college is gonna get over.. 3 yrs of my life jus passed by..
enjoyed , made friends, had fights,sang, danced, irritated ppl but never said that college is fun.. always cribbed abut "AHHH coll is soooooo boring re".. now when the end comes near i jus realized i wud have to leave every1, every1 who stood by me.... ppl who loved me.. fought for me.. cried with me.. smiled at me and clapped for me..
  • Ami.. who has immense patience to listen to all my nonsense
  • Anuja.. who loves me more than any1( i knw it babes)
  • Neeraj.. who has been there when eva i need him..
  • Bipul.(BK SINGH).. who cared for me always
  • Anuj.. reason behind all my ranks..( wel he mus hav understood that)
  • Anuj buddy.. to make me smile when i needed one.
  • Arastu..always making me realize that i am someone gr88( i knw he wont agree to this)
  • Shreya.. always my baby..
  • Rohit.. making me realize hw short i am..
  • Sethi.. tellin me that my jokes r gettin sadder day by day
  • Rahul..flirting with all my friends.
  • Rishal.. well we r kids together..
  • Suneet bidu.. always encouraging me to get bac to bloggin
  • Aniroodh(OP).. the cow moowssss
  • Anup.. another baby
  • Indira.(Indi). always looking for me in lockers..
  • More over my group A:... for making me the CR
forgiv me if i hav forgotten any from my college...

wel time jus flies by we make new friends, and then more friends, but there are always a few who remain there always knowingly or unknowingly the reason for ur happiness...
Yes am glad that i have such friends who are jus there may b not physically but emotionally i find them always sitting next to me and helping me out in small little problems of my life and friends lik those are treasured forever...
Priyanka(Pri) and Vimal (Vim) u hav done wat no one cud do on this earth .. that is made me proud oof being myself as i have something which no one has and thats U GUYS....
thank u.. every1.. now i knw the reason and importance of enjoying and cherishing every moment of life.... as parting with any of u wud be as painful to me as for u guys....

Sunday, June 10, 2007


well we all always think that we shud get wat we desire for...and all of us fantisize for a magic lamp or somthing lik a wishing well.. which could fulfil all our wishes , and wat if u get somting of that sounds strange but people hav their own ways to get their wishes fulfilled..

a frend of mine apoorva believes that if one sees the red van of indian postal dept. and immediately wishes somthing seeing the van after crossing their fingers, their wish wud b fulfilled.. but its not that easy.. the dificult part is one needs to keep his fingers crossed and mouth shut till one see a REAL dog...
i emphasise on the "real" bcoz one tends to get so irritated that 1 thinks of completing his wish by seeing dogs' pic or statue..nw wats the big deal... one can find street dogs anywhere in india... and one really dislikes the look of those itchy,sick,barking dogs..... but i realised the importance of our street dogs once i tried to follow the wish part..

it so happened thats four of us me,apoo, ankansha and amruta planned to go out... it was approx 7.00 pm .. enjoying ourselves jus wandering down the road ,window shopping, apoo saw the post office and 2 red vans of theirs parked outside.. immediately she crossed her fingers, made a wish, and shut her mouth.... (well she says everytime she wishes somthing it really is fulfilled) so even i decided to give it a try after all wat was the harm ... one cud easily find street dogs arund.. and that too in a market place of dadar in mumbai.
i followed her.. crossed my fingers, made a wish and shut my mouth...nw both of us went arund looking for a dog..
akansha ad amruta jus kept bangging their heads on our this so called stupid act... but both of us very merily kept looking for a dog..
the market place was too busy so we decided to part from our 2 frends and apoo and i went on looking for a DOG
crossing several lanes, dark lanes, well lit lanes, garbage bins.. busy roads every corner of the place but all in vain... we cud not locate a single dog..:(wandering arund jus wondering where did all dogs of dadar disappear nd our patience level rising too high(coz both of us cannot b silent for long)..
the frustration levels rose so high that we found ourselves looking under the parked cars, in the drainage and even went inside som housing socities to see if anyone has a dog at home.. huh.... all in vain..( i cant imagine i took so much pain to find a dog..if i wud hav made even 1% effort of this on wat i wished i wud hav not been facing this dog crisis problem)to add on to our misiries my phone started ringing and that too from home... cant even think of breaking the wish wat if som thing wierd happens.... but then to my all pleasures i saw a small little puppy besides a man sitting with som small toys... as we came near him jus to realise it was jus a stuff toy of puppy....

The frustration level kept on increasing.. on the other hand my phone was continuosly ringing.. well thats when we spotted the other 2 frends of ours and handed over my phone to them and akanksha answered the phone saying i was in the booking line of the ticket ( we were all going to shirdi ).. and aleast one tension was over but our biggest tension to deal with the dog crisis was still on....
Amruta offered to go with me in different direction and akansha said she wud b with apoo...atlast with amru's help i located a dog.. i cannot belive we wasted 1.5 hrs jus looking for a DOG....i ran back to apoo to tell her i saw a dog jus to find apoo beating up akansha in the market place... and typing all sorts of names to akanksha on her cell(as she cud not spk them out)...

it had so happened that while amruta and i were gone apoo and akansha decided to go to a CD stall to look out for any good songs. but since apoo cudnt spk she kpt typing stuff for akansha to b asked to the shop owner( well i dont knw from whr did she get this wierd idea of msg typing while not speaking may b since she does it a lot of times).. the shop owner was taken by surprise by this behaviour of apoo and asked akansha wat the problm ws.. to which she had replied that apoo is dumb since childhood and cannot speak she conveys her thoughts lik this and i am the only person who can understand her.. the poor shop keeper even gav apoo a pen and paper to write down.. (hushh.. i missed this part jus for that dog huh...)
anyway we saved akanksha from apoo's beating and then apoo jus prayed to see a dog.. and as if god heard her.. we jus found 2 men taking their almost 6 feet tall dogs for an evening walk... atlast we all were happy that our stupid act ended.. but apoo had not given up.. to prove that she wasnt dumb she went bac to the shop and started talking to the shop owner who was surprised to see her speaking.. heheehe.. poor guy....
we rode the bus to shirdi and went to sleep...

but to tell u people.. this was not the end... i had wised to receivea phone call for which i was desparately waiting for days and had no hope ...and later i came to knw that , that person had called me that very night but tomy luck or unluck d cell had switched off due to low battery..

huh...i dont knw whether do i believe in those red vans or not.. but one thing is for sure i have started respecting all street dogs from that day...atleast i belive in those dogs nw... as its easy to locate those red vans but its not so easy to find dogs arund.. hehehehe..

lets try it som other day.. ;)

Sunday, May 20, 2007

thank you....

life has pleasures, life has pain,
they pour down anytime jus lik rain,
no reason, no season, no notice , no invitation...
they b a part of life without any justification,
we love it, we hate it, we share it, we dare it,
with strenght of people with whom we are closely knit,
i have a few who stand up for me,
fight for me , live their life for me,
the people whom i call friends,
are actually our biggest strenghts,
am glad u r a part of my life,
and wish can stand up for u at the rite time,
who says relations dwell over years,
one took 10yrs and other 10 months to become my dears,
i love them , i preach them, they r my closest friends ,
can jus say a simple thank you,

as i cant pay back ur dues even after my life ends.....

pri and vim
thanks for always being there when i needed someone.....

Sunday, May 13, 2007

shining brighter than the sun...

A guy once built a love shrine,
where he preached his lifeline,
he loved her as she was her angel,
even she felt he was her soul and not a stranger,
knew the sun ,knew the stars,
that their love would ever last,
then came thunder and came wind,
the shrine broke and left no hint,
of her trust ,her faith,
of his love, his fate,
the sun still shines bright to say,
that their love would last till my last ray......

well.. when i wrote this piece down i really wanted to believe the sun... why not after all its brightness overshadows all of us.. but after coming across the dark nights i understood that their is someone who casts its dark shadows over the sun and then their is only darkness left around..
why should i cry in pain? why should i look upto someone else for my future?
why can't i be someone whose brightness is so bright that even the darkness hides from it?.. why cant i be someone who is BRIGHTER THAN THE SUN???
yes this was an answer to all those unwept tears waiting to be wept out as the doors to their freedom were closed for ever...
i have an identity, i have to live up for it.. i hav to make people look upto me..
not just wait in pain, shedding those tears out but turn out to be one who could wipe others tears.
today i understand the importance of life. the importance of living up for those who care and believe in u rather for those who dont even care whether u existed or not..
here i hav challenged myself to win over my biggest rival and thats ME....
hope i win against myself......